Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Random Things To Bring To College

It's that time of year to head back to school! Let's just say, I CAN'T WAIT. [Sorry mom] I've talked to a couple of freshmen who were asking me some things that they should bring to school. So I thought, I need to dedicate a blog to let other people know what my strange mind has concocted up. All the things listed below make your college life a little easier and bit more enjoyable at your home away from home!

 Fruity good time

1. Pineapple Corer  $4.29 
So I some how acquired a pineapple corer thanks to my addiction to But I don't even care because it was one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. My dining commons doesn't serve pineapple so I had to have my favorite fruit somehow. This tool makes cutting pineapple the easiest thing you'll ever do.

2. Apple Slicer $2.99
Take some apples from your dining commons, get a jar of peanut butter, slice them up, and there you have a nice study snack! You don't need this, but for 3 bucks, it's totally worth it. 

3. Cutting Board $2.79
I would also recommend bringing a kitchen knife. It will help out a lot. My friends and I would have fondue nights where we would all buy different fruit, cut it up, and dip it in our college version of chocolate fondue. It's the perfect girl's night.

Is this what Heaven smells like?

4. Candle Warmer 
My university doesn't allow you to burn candles, buttttt, candle warmers are allowed! Actually, I have come to the conclusion that I like candle warmers better than burning the candle. The candle lasts longer, the scent is stronger, and you don't have that nasty smell when you blow it out. BRING A CANDLE WARMER, you'll thank me later:) 

If you're looking for an amazing scent, Mahogany Teakwood

5. Wallflower $ Differs
Holy crap, buy one of these. It will change your life. Dorm rooms are smaller so one will fill your room up making it smell like pure amazingness. I switched my scents out depending on when one runs out and for different seasons. B&BW has awesome scents.

Easy peesy lemon squeezy

6. Hot Glue Gun
Essentially this will save you a ton of money so you don't have to buy all those command strips. I used my hot glue gun to hang up our full length mirror on the wall, all the canvases I made, all my pictures, my cork board, and tons of other things. Not to mention, taking stuff down was super easy. Just make sure you don't have dry walls. My dorm room had painted cinder blocks.

7. 6 ft iPhone Cord $2.07
Outlets are limited in dorm rooms. Don't have your iPhone sitting half way across the room. I used my iPhone as my alarm so having this close to your bed just makes your life a little more pleasant. [#lazyprobs]

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