Thursday, November 7, 2013

You mean the dorms don't come pre-decorated?

I'm not really sure if anyone follows this blog. I mean, why would you? I've only posted like four times----->I'M LAME. No, but really, I've just been consumed with college things lately. Speaking of college, I want to share some of the things I made to decorate my apartment. All this stuff was really simple to make and adds a nice personal touch to a bland space. Sorry the picture quality sucks, unfortunately 'photography' is not one of my gifted talents.

I painted both of these canvases. I printed out the templates, shaded the back in pencil, and traced onto the canvas. For the Ohio,  I used painters tape to make the lines straight. I wish I would've taken pictures to make a tutorial. 

I've always loved Owl City. Something about his lyrics always pick me up. 

So I found the inspiration for these two pictures from pins on Pinterest. They were actually really easy to make. Both these tutorials are awesome. 

And just another typical magazine-clipping-wallart picture. Once again, the quality is so awful. I don't deserve to have a blog. 

Just print out the letters and trace onto the magazine pages, it's pretty self-explanatory:)

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