Monday, June 2, 2014

Pocket Full of Sunshine: DIY Paint Pocket

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's unofficially summer time! With the hot weather comes the opportunity to finally bring out our shorts, tanks, and flip flops. I am finding myself mildly obsessed with tshirt tanks  lately. They're perfect for summer! It's hard finding cute tshirt tanks, though. They're all boring and generic. I decided to spice my grey tank up a bit by adding a cute little pocket. I feel like this is so simple, it doesn't even need a tutorial.

What you'll need:
Acrylic Paint
Sponge Brush
White Fabric
Masking Tape
Sewing Machine

1. Tape your white fabric down onto the table. I would recommend putting newspaper or something underneath so that the paint doesn't get onto the surface of your table. Make sure when you tape it down that it is as taut as possible. 

2. With the fabric taped down, you're now going to start the lines. I used the masking tape to get nice, even lines. If you want to be super consistent, use a ruler {I just eyed it.} Once you paint a line, pull the tape up and use a new piece. I also cut the masking tape in half in order to not overlap the tape over the previous painted line.

3. I painted the lines with acrylic paint. It doesn't feel too great so I would recommend fabric paint or a fabric marker. I do like the matte, rough finish that it has, though. 

4. After you have painted all the lines, make sure the fabric is completely dry before you begin the next step.

5. Now you'll use the cardboard. If you're not comfortable with drawing a pocket onto the cardboard, you can trace it by printing off a pocket template which is accessible via google images. Tape the cardboard pocket onto the back of the fabric with the masking tape. 

6. You can see through the tape, so I just cut along the lines with the cardboard still taped to the fabric. When the pocket is cut out, obviously you're going to want to remove the cardboard.

7. Get your sewing machine ready! I folded over the edges of the fabric so that I could prevent fraying and have an even edge. 

8. Now you're going to want to align the pocket on the tank top where you want. Use pins to keep it in place.

9. Sew over the lines on the pocket where you previously sewed to get the even edges.

10. You're done! It's a cute way to spice up a casual top. I love wearing mine with running shorts on a lazy day {ok let's be honest here, everyday is a "lazy" day for me}

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